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Aby zapewnić, że świadectwa wnioskował o ciągłości usług i stabilności, z efektem natychmiastowym, po sukcesie nowego wniosku świadectwo konieczności wykorzystania "Home Mobile Online Signature Tool" do podpisania operacji; poprzedniego wniosku i wiążące użytkowników certyfikatu może jeszcze pobrać plik certyfikatu, Możesz użyć "Mobile Home On-narzędzie podpis line" do podpisania, można także użyć "mobile home off-narzędzie podpis line" do podpisania.

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Microsoft presented today in the Japanese capital, a press conference intended to start again the interest of its Xbox 360 near the Japanese public.

Conference into live

14:30 - Closed Microsoft this conference by the diffusion of a video promotional of Ninety-Nine Nights. With final, this meeting will have enabled us to discover a line-up which, if it remains about it there, seems quite thin to hope to conquer the heart of a Japanese public difficult good.

14:28 - Public garden Enix and Game Arts come into play and announce Project Sylph, a new play of exclusive shot in Xbox 360 (a video is presented).

14:25 - Tri-Ace currently works on new an action RPG, no information additional is not for the moment available.

14:17:00 - Sakaguchi makes its entry and announces the exit of a demonstration of Lost Odyssey for the end of the summer, like that of Blue Dragon for the end of the year. Lost Odyssey should not be born in Japan before 2007.

14:15:52 - Namco announces the development of Culdcept Saga, playable in line (precise details to come).

14:33 - Diffusion of a video first of Gundam Online.

14:08 - Microsoft announces the arrival of a title exclusive in Xbox 360 and based on the Zegapain series. The first trailer card should be available on Japanese Marketplace in the next minutes.

13:59 - Konami, Hudson, Namco, SNK and D3 announce their support for Xbox Live Arcade (Pacman, Galaga).

13:55 - More than 520.000 remote loadings via Marketplace were carried out right now in Japan.

13:49 - Microsoft proposes bundle FIFA World Cup for its Xbox 360.

13:45 - Presentation of system XNA (Xbox Next-Generation Structures).

13:39 - Envisage a line-up action and of RPG

13:34 - Takashi Sensui, manager major general Xbox, evokes the failure of Xbox 360 in Japan.

Tekst przeszedł przez translator alta visty wiec będą na pewno jakies błedy.